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Melbourne Commercial Lawyers

At Mukushi + Cohen, we’re passionate about getting our clients the best outcomes. With a select client list and a track record for real results working with developers, landholders, RTOs, we have the resources and skills to guide you and your business through the complexities of the legal system.

Mukushi + Cohen is dedicated to providing you with the thorough, reliable and holistic legal consulting you need across the fields of commercial law, property, higher education, litigation and immigration.

Whether you’re looking to start a franchise, purchase or sell property, or navigate Australia’s complex immigration system, Mukushi + Cohen are here to help. Leveraging years of experience in business and commercial law with specialist franchising and higher education solicitors, we provide comprehensive legal consulting.

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Solving problems is what we do. I’m passionate about working closely with a client from initial meetings to getting them the best outcome. That’s what I love about my work.

Ben Cohen, Director

Real solutions is who we are. It’s the essence of how we practice law and what distinguishes us. I have a genuine interest in the facts, and I like to understand a situation fully, and provide practical, direct advice. That’s why people come back.

Tsungai Mukushi, Director

Mukushi + Cohen

Real Solutions